More Than a Failing Heart

Carol watched as her husband’s body succumbed to Parkinson’s while his mind remained sharp. A Harvard professor, he was treated like a child by the medical system and shunted from one physician, one hospital, to another. Even at topflight medical centers, those entrusted with his care failed to support the family, just when they needed it the most.

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More Than a Failing Heart“They’re more than a failing heart. They’re more than a malignant tumor. They are individuals. They have people who love them. And they have people whom they have loved. And that is the most critical journey that people can take. Health care professions have been invited, by the very nature of what they do, to participate in people’s last journey.”

More Than a Failing Heart was produced for the Toolkit Project at Brown University Medical School.


“A haunting and profound visual reminder of the importance of knowing the individual, of the significance of quality care, and of the role of families.”
“Underscores the importance of attending to the whole individual, not just to the disease.”
More Than a Failing Heart“A simple yet powerful message.”
“The interviews are beautifully filmed, well paced, and allow the famiily members or patients to clearly tell the story of their experiences.... Their articulate voices emphasize the difference that quality care can make at the end of life.”


  • The “Freddie” — top honor from the International Health & Medical Media Awards
  • Telly Award
  • National Health Information Gold Award
  • Mature Media Award
  • American Society on Aging Media Award

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