Patient-Centered Cancer Care

Patient-centered cancer care

Tellens produced videos for The EPEC™ Project (Education in Palliative and End-of-life Care) as it evolved to reach special audiences, including oncologists and others who care for people living with cancer. Healing Medicine profiles a remarkable Canadian physician and cancer survivor, Dr. Balfour Mount.

“As an oncologist, I can’t heal another. The most and the least we can do as caregivers is hold the space where healing can happen. The person, the sufferer, has to discover that within themselves. But we can be catalysts through good symptom control and through presence.”
Patient-centered cancer care

Healing Medicine

  • International Health & Medical Media Awards finalist
  • Funded by the National Cancer Institute and the Lance Armstrong Foundation, with support from the American Society of Clinical Oncologists and Oncology Nursing Society
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Tellens drew on extensive experience filming Native American cultures to produce videos for the National Cancer Institute that explore delivery of healthcare to minority communities.

Patient-centered cancer care
“They can tell very quickly where you’re coming from... they understand that we don’t necessarily know the culture, but they care very deeply about whether or not we care.” — Timothy Dohmer, MD, Indian Health Service, Fort Defiance, AZ