More Than a Failing Heart

More Than a Failing Heart

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In this award-winning program, patients and families talk candidly about their experiences with the health care system at a critical time: when facing life-threatening illness. Each person has a unique story, but their needs are universal: to be treated as individuals, with dignity and respect; to share in decision-making; to have emotional support as well as relief of physical suffering.

The stories reveal how inadequate and insensitive care adds to their pain and loss, and offers insights on how caregivers can improve end-of-life care. The first step is to listen.

Sadly, health care providers in hospitals and long-term care facilities, and those still in training, seldom have the chance, or take the time, to listen to patients and families who are on life’s most difficult journey. This program offers a rare opportunity to see things through their eyes.

Freddie AwardsRecognized for excellence with “The Freddie,” the top honor in Patient Care from the International Health & Medical Media Awards.


“A haunting and profound visual reminder of the importance of knowing the individual, of the significance of quality care, and of the role of families.”

“ A simple, yet powerful message”