Tellens produces programs about people who are making the world of medicine a more humane and safe place. In documentaries and trigger tapes — short real-life dramas that stimulate viewer involvement — patients, families and caregivers explore gaps in care. Their stories urge viewers to question accepted practices and change entrenched attitudes about some of medicine’s most critical problems: care for the dying and patient safety.

The award-winning More Than a Failing Heart shows patients and families struggling to cope with a health care system whose failures often contribute to their pain and loss.

HealthcarePrograms for The EPEC™ Project (Education in Palliative and End-of-life Care) and EPEC™ Oncology motivate viewers to improve care for people with life-threatening illness.

Tellens’ videos tap into the power of real-life stories to restore patient safety to its rightful place as a core value in medicine.

Dame Cicely Sanders, founder of the modern hospice movement, is the focus of a documentary in development that will bring her powerful vision — that every human life has unique value from the first breath until the last — to a worldwide audience.