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Lincoln Laughed

Lincoln Laughed

Abe Lincoln had a knack for storytelling. Despite his somber portraits, Lincoln loved to laugh and have others laugh along with him. Lincoln Laughed — The Wit and Humor of Abraham Lincoln is an entertaining, carefully researched audio collection of Lincoln’s favorite jokes, yarns, and tall tales — the next best thing to being there when audiences roared with delight at the Great Emancipator’s storytelling skill.

Lincoln’s sense of humor was one of his most appealing characteristics. Nothing escaped his droll wit — judges, generals, and politicians, not to mention mules, skunks, drunks and his own melancholy face. This CD reveals a wise man Abe Laughedwho wasn’t afraid to laugh at himself.

Catch the twinkle in Lincoln’s eye. Rediscover the art of storytelling, and how Lincoln mastered it to win court cases, political debates and the hearts and minds of a nation.

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