The Hopi

The Hopi

The Hopi people inhabit ancient villages on three mesas overlooking the northern Arizona desert. The Hopi offers insights into this unique pueblo culture by focusing on corn, which plays a central role in the life of every Hopi and is a vital cultural symbol.

“With special strains of corn that they have developed over the centuries, the Hopis plant deep and pray that the katsina spirits will send the moisture needed for the corn. These spirit beings come by way of a distant, beautiful mountain and visit the villages every year.”
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“Piki, a food unique to the Hopis, is made from blue cornmeal, water, and the ash of burned bean plants. Piki stones are heirlooms, handed down, like the art of piki-making itself, from mother to daughter. Traditionally, a mother has not prepared her daughter for marriage until she has taught her to make piki, since it is served at every ceremonial meal.”


The Hopi
“A compact gem”
“Excellent photography, clear, precise narration and traditional music all help make this an excellent film for viewers of all ages.”
“Poetically interpretive”


  • Cine Golden Eagle
  • American Indian Film Festival
  • Museum of the American Indian Film Festival
  • Margaret Mead Film Festival

Produced in English and Hopi versions.

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