The Hopi: Corn is Life

The Navajo

DVD: $19.95

Teacher Guide: $5.00

Experience the sights and sounds of a vital, thousand-year-old Native American culture. The producers worked closely with Hopi tribal members to film in the ancient pueblos of their northern Arizona homeland, gaining a rare glimpse of contemporary village life.

Over intimate scenes of Hopi family, work and ceremonial life, the Hopi narrator describes the central role corn plays in their lives, providing vital nourishment for both body and spirit.

“With special strains of corn that they have developed over the centuries, the Hopis plant deep and pray that the katsina spirits will send the moisture needed for he corn. These spirit beings come by way of distant beautiful mountain and visit the villages every year.”

This award-winning program explores the traditional beliefs and survival skills that have enabled the Hopi culture to thrive for centuries.

  • Narrator: Ramson Lomatewama


“Excellent photography, clear, precise narration and traditional music all help make this an excellent film for viewers of all ages.”

“A compact gem”

“A fine means to teach and reaffirm the Hopi way”


  • Cine Golden Eagle
  • American Indian Film Festival
  • Museum of he American Indian Film Festival