In Progress

In ProgressTellens is developing a documentary about the life and work of Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of the modern Hospice and Palliative Care movement. Dr. Saunders revolutionized the culture of modern medicine by placing the needs of the patient and family at the center of care, a truly radical idea fifty years ago.

Based on extensive interviews with Dame Cicely as she reflected on her long life and productive career, as well as with her colleagues and those she inspired in the UK and US, our program tells the story of how one woman of uncommon strength transformed her passionate vision into a world-wide effort to relieve unnecessary suffering.

Tellens is seeking completion funds for a full-length documentary. For information about support for this project please contact us.

Julia ChildHow Julia Child became the French Chef

We are currently completing a book that offers a unique take on Julia Child’s formative years, when she discovered her life’s work amid the markets, cafes and bistros of post-war Paris.

Julia, it turns out, had an unusual mentor, and soon the surprising story will be revealed. Stay tuned for further developments.