Lincoln Laughed

The Wit and Humor of Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln Laughed

CD: $10.95

By now, you might think we know everything there is to know about Abraham Lincoln. But what tickled the Great Emancipator’s funny bone?

Lincoln Laughed — The Wit and Humor of Abraham Lincoln is a highly entertaining, carefully researched audio collection of the stories and jokes Lincoln told and enjoyed. This CD offers listeners the chance to share in the fun while gaining fresh perspective on Honest Abe’s unique personality.

The very notion of Lincoln laughing seems surprising. But to friends, colleagues, and even adversaries, Lincoln’s sense of humor was one of his most appealing characteristics. Despite his somber portraits, the nation’s sixteenth president was a famously funny man who delighted in making people laugh and honed his storytelling skills over a lifetime.

Judges, generals, politicians, mules, skunks, and his own homely face — nothing escaped his sharp wit and droll humor. This CD reveals a warm, wise man who took delight in human foibles, including his own.

So catch the twinkle in Lincoln’s eye. Rediscover the art of storytelling, and how Lincoln mastered it to win court cases, political debates and the hearts and minds of a nation.

What better way to celebrate Lincoln’s sense of humor than to laugh along with him!