Paths of Life

American Indians of the Southwest

Paths of Life

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The American Southwest is home to ten Native American groups, making it the most culturally diverse region, for its size, of any place on earth. Hopi, Navajo, Apache, Seri, Yaqui, O’odam, Tarahumara, Yumans, Paiute and Southern Paiute — all have shaped their destinies by following distinctive “paths of life” in this beautiful, but demanding environment.

Paths of Life shows how these groups dealt with outsiders by preserving and celebrating spiritual values and how they adapted traditional lifeways to create vibrant cultures that have endured in the face of great odds and rapid change.

This program presents contemporary Native Americans as they see themselves, telling their own stories of how they came to be here and how they’ve survived as unique peoples.

Based on the Paths of Life exhibit at the Arizona State Museum in Tucson.

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