The Navajo: An Ancient Gift

The Navajo

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In their own words, Navajos tell the powerful story of their survival in the harsh, yet beautiful land of Northern Arizona. The story begins with sheep, an ancient gift that has sustained this vibrant culture for centuries and continues to play a central role in the life of every Navajo.

“It is said that sheep were a special gift to the Navajo when their first clans were formed from the skin of Changing Woman. ‘Care for the sheep,’ she said ‘and you will be able to live on.’”

The program shows rare scenes of family, community and ritual life that illuminate the worldview of this resilient people. In The Navajo, a child learns to tend sheep and a mother teaches her daughter the lessons of Spider Woman — how to card, spin, dye and weave wool.

Beginning in dawn beauty and ending when the sheep are brought safely home at sunset, this story of a day in the life of contemporary Navajos is cast against the painful events of their history, and the vital role of women in ceremonial, social and cultural life.


“One of he most comprehensive views available of a contemporary Indian tribe”

“Rich in narrative detail”



  • CINE Golden Eagle
  • Chicago International Film Festival
  • National Educational Film Festival