Fossils and Paleontology in Dinosaur National Monument


DVD: $19.95

Travel to the dinosaur quarry in Dinosaur National Monument in eastern Utah, a unique combination of museum and working fossil dig. The quarry is famous as the site where some of the world’s most astonishing dinosaur bones have been found — nearly complete skeletons, delicate skulls, and rare juvenile bones of late Jurassic dinosaurs.

Many of these prehistoric treasures were excavated and taken to museums back East for study and display, but at Dinosaur National Monument, a museum was brought to the bones. The quarry itself became a one-of-a-kind exhibit, with more than two thousand fossils exposed in the very rock where they were buried by an ancient river.

Go behind the scenes for a close-up view as National Park Service paleontologists uncover dinosaur remains in the rock face within the museum walls. Travel to field sites near the quarry to watch as they excavate other fossils, from massive Apatosaurus backbones to a fingernail-sized mammal skull. This video makes you an eyewitness to the exciting search for missing pieces in the dinosaur record and the painstaking job of reassembling the prehistoric puzzle.


“This visually arresting film incorporates many historical photos of early exploration at the park, and explains how paleontologists work.”

“This is an engaging, no-nonsense, un-Hollywood look at dinosaurs.”