Arts of the Southwest Series

Worlds in Harmony: Tewa/Hopi Artist Dan Namingha

Worlds in Harmony

DVD: $19.95

Each day, artist Dan Namingha must balance the demands of modern American life with the beliefs and practices of his native pueblo culture.

Drawing on his ancient Tewa-Hopi heritage, Namingha paints haunting images of katsinas, the spirit beings at the center of pueblo sacred ceremonies. His landscapes and village scenes evoke the powerful geography of the Southwest — its mesas, canyons and vast desert skies — an exotic world to most viewers, but one that deeply resonates.

Interviewed while at work in his studio, Namingha takes us on a journey into the world of one artist’s imagination. He reveals how he uses the tensions between his worlds to create a dynamic body of work that speaks a universal language.

  • As seen on public television
  • Regional Emmy Award winner