Tellens produces award-winning media
that deepen understanding of challenging issues in health care
and create connections in culture and the arts.

Documentaries for medical institutions, universities, museums, and public television explore real-life stories that put a human face on complex ideas.


Tellens’ programs meet an ever-growing need for health and medical information by both providers and consumers. They form vital components of projects that are transforming the practice of medicine around the world.

“The interviews are beautifully filmed and
allow the family members or patients to
clearly tell the story of their experiences.

Their articulate voices emphasize the difference that quality care makes.”

Healthcare Healthcare Healthcare

Tellens Media

Programs on culture and art transport viewers to worlds very different from their own. They reveal rare scenes of family life in ancient pueblos and present-day hogans, vibrant rituals, and enduring traditions — and the work of artists who celebrate the human spirit in every culture and time.

“Poetically interpretive”

“One of the most comprehensive views available of a contemporary Indian tribe.”

Tellens Media Tellens Media Tellens Media

“As fascinating and lovely as a visit to any art museum.”

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